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At Event Cups, we deliver a good quality product at a good price, the service is of paramount importance. When providing information, we are happy to help you personally, so that in addition to our product and the price, you also get an impression of the added value that we add to this. For example, Event Cups gives you advice on logistical and organizational matters on request. With our knowledge and experience we can be of significance for you when introducing Event Cups products within your hospitality company or organization.

Event Cups delivers many products from stock or can be delivered within a short period of time. The minimum purchase of all products is mentioned in the purchase and rental of the products mentioned.

If you have a rush order, the chances are that Event Cups can help you in time. Please contact us directly. Moreover, we are also happy to assist you in emergencies outside of office hours. After all, your event or catering company is often open in the evenings and on weekends.

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