DanceTray Green (Tray)
DanceTray Green (Tray)DanceTray Green (Tray)DanceTray Green (Tray)DanceTray Green (Tray)DanceTray Green (Tray)DanceTray Green (Tray)

DanceTray Green (Tray)

This product is made of polypropulene (=PP) with the amazing result that it is crystal clear, unbreakable, dishwasher-proof, reusable for many times and 100% recyclable.
For an eye-catching effect, you can brand your trays to display your logo or image, where the possibilities are endless and the minimum order quantity is 1,000 units. Discover more about our printing solutions.

Plain DanceTrays are available from stock at smaller quantities and for orders of 20.000 units and more please contact us directly or send us your request.

From £ 2,49 to £ 4,61


The DanceTray is a reusable plastic carrier tray. The multifunctional DanceTray can be used by visitors and bar staff to carry several glasses on terraces and in halls in a safe and hygienic way. A maximum of 8 glasses can be taken with 1 hand. The DanceTray can be printed on 2 places with your logo or other images from 1 color to full color.

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